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Close D365 Opportunity on Quote Closure using Power Automate (Flow)

In continuation to my previous post Close D365 Quote Using Power Automate let us see how to automatically close an opportunity in D365 on closure of Quote. Before jumping on to the flow, let us gather some pre-requisite information regarding quote status and status reason. StatusStatus Reason 0:Draft 1:In Progress 1:Active 2:In Progress3:Open 2:Won 4:Won... Continue Reading →

Close D365 Quote Using Power Automate (Flow)

I have seen multiple members of the community struggling with this topic. Multiple threads have been initiated in the Dynamics Community, Power Apps Community and Flow Community regarding this topic. Finally, here is a tried and tested solution. Let us power automate!! Solution: on your desired triggering point, create "Quote Close" record for the quote... Continue Reading →

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